diver ed

Diver Ed

Graduate of College of the Atlantic, commercial dive and scuba instructor, former Bar Harbor harbormaster, and Smithsonian marine ecologist

captain evil

Captain Evil

Diver Ed's wife, child psychologist, boat captain, and naturalist

mini ed

Mini Ed

Diver Ed's sidekick, a 3-inch tall Playmobil hard hat diver



Purebred water-rescue Newfoundland and beloved dog

el squid

El Squid

Captain Evil's sweet sister and reservation agent

hermit crab


Hermit crabs, starfish, sea urchins, sea peaches, and all their friends

starfish enterprise

Starfish Enterprise

A very stable 51-foot, 70-passenger U.S. Coast Guard certified vessel purpose-built by Diver Ed and Captain Evil



From anywhere to Maine and ready for adventure